Twin Cities 2016

Hosted by :New Hope Church
Session 1 :January, 2016


Session 1: Spiritual Formation and Mentoring
The commitment to disciplemaking, the primacy of people development, the complementary roles of the church/mission agency/school/specialized training institution.

  • A. The next 10 years
    • 1. Need for missionaries
    • 2. Goals and plans of major missions agencies
    • 3. Kinds of missionaries that will be needed
  • B. Why the church is in a singularly unique position to produce good missionary candidates
    • 1. God has promised to establish His church
    • 2. It models healthy community
    • 3. It practices disciplemaking multiplication
    • 4. It equips people to understand who they are and like it
    • 5. It prepares, sends, finances, prays and cares for its own
  • C. Spiritual formation
    • 1. The four quadrants
    • 2. In the context of community
  • D. Mentoring as a preferred methodology for spiritual formation
    • 1. Outgrowth of the church's broader endorsement of mentoring
    • 2. Superior to a small group/triad
    • 3. How mentoring differs from discipleship
    • 4. The function of a mentor
  • E. The practice of Mentoring in the local church: guest instructor, Stephanie Kaihoi, Director, Legacy Living Ministries
  • F. Assignments for Session Two
    • 1. Report to your authority
    • 2. Read books
    • 3. Begin mentoring
    • 4. Coaching for Fruitfulness online course


About Us.

Future Missionaries is a collaborative effort to develop the capacity of local churches to intentionally prepare potential missionaries from within their congregation.

Our mission is to help churches train the next generation of missionaries. Missions professionals from both local churches and missions agencies provide training for leaders from local churches.

This training equips the church to mentor individuals and couples with a healthy foundation for living in a cross-cultural setting.