Our Services

Future Missionaries provides consulting to local churches in the area of missionary development.

We do this through face-to-face interaction, phone calls and conducting learning communities.

The learning communities provide a 12 month-long learning experience to build the capacity of local churches to train potential missionaries through an intentional mentoring approach .

Gathered from a limited geographic area, these 8 churches form a peer group that becomes a network for ongoing learning and encouragement.

FM Session 1,2,3,4 topics.

Click Outline of Session 1, for info on Session 1.

Click Four quadrants of spiritual formation for future missionaries, for the four areas of this critical area.

The Chicagoland learning community, hosted by The Orchard, completed its cohort session in January, 2016.

The currently running learning community began on January 9, 2016 and is being hosted by New Hope Church [EFCA], 4225 Gettysburg Ave, New Hope, MN. http://www.newhopechurchmn.org

Future learning communities are being considered for these metro areas: Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Houston.

For more information email Greg at greg@futuremissionaries.com

About Us.

Future Missionaries is a collaborative effort to develop the capacity of local churches to intentionally prepare potential missionaries from within their congregation.

Our mission is to help churches train the next generation of missionaries. Missions professionals from both local churches and missions agencies provide training for leaders from local churches.

This training equips the church to mentor individuals and couples with a healthy foundation for living in a cross-cultural setting.