Missions Learning Community

Topics to be covered in Sessions II, III, IV

  • Developing depth in your mentors
  • Understanding Millennials and Finishers
  • The American cultural need for control
  • Who makes a good missionary; why the average American typically makes a poor missionary candidate; why some Americans make good missionary candidates
  • The challenge of debt
  • The development of character
  • The Missionary Call
  • The soft skills: self-awareness, interpersonal competence, (EQ) Emotional intelligence
  • CQ (cultural intelligence), adaptability, ambiguity, creating cross-cultural learning experiences
  • The role of suffering, waiting, disappointment
  • Overcoming anger
  • Caring for your missionary (candidates), developing care teams
  • Testing instruments and resources for the church
  • Planning for safety in a volatile world
  • Theological education
  • The realm of the demonic: spiritual warfare


About Us.

Future Missionaries is a collaborative effort to develop the capacity of local churches to intentionally prepare potential missionaries from within their congregation.

Our mission is to help churches train the next generation of missionaries. Missions professionals from both local churches and missions agencies provide training for leaders from local churches.

This training equips the church to mentor individuals and couples with a healthy foundation for living in a cross-cultural setting.