Past Participants

...this has been a challenging year for our church. We are wrestling as a church on what to focus upon and sometimes err on the side of programmatic approaches and solutions that don't maximize our call to disciple people. Due in large part to the focus you gave to our cohort over the past year, I have been able to maximize my impact not only through our systems but also directly to the people within our systems.
Thanks for your diligence and hard work.

John D. Foster
Outreach Pastor
Glen Ellyn Bible Church

Previous Trainees

If I could use one word to describe Liberty’s missionary preparation I would use “thorough”. The process was extensive. We had required reading lists, mentors we met with regularly, weekly ministry requirements, I had to take a doctrine/theology exam, we were required to attend counseling.

At the time I remember thinking, “Whew! This is a lot of stuff. Is all this necessary?” However, I knew the process was for our preparation and our good. As we were support raising with Cru all the assignments gave us something else to put our minds and hearts to. That was helpful.

The readings were educational. I still remember reading Bruchko for the first time as a part of that process. I remember studying very hard for my exam.

Meeting with Chris and Teresa was very good for our marriage. It kept us steady through the process.

They identified some needed areas of growth for us so we were required to attend counseling. That was so good. At the time I really didn’t want to do that. It felt like it was slowing us down.

On this side of things, I wish we would have gone for longer. I was so proud. I needed the breaking of the Holy Spirit through that experience to deal with some personal growth areas. I know once we arrived Milton Massie commented on how prepared we were for ministry. Since then he has thanked God several times for how prepared Liberty made us for ministry. LBC wanted us to last, and I believe we’re on our way to doing that – 13 years into full-time ministry.

On the fund development side of things, we are well supported by LBC’s mission committee and the church congregation.

That certainly gave us some incentive to go through the whole process. We knew without a doubt that you and LBC were and are in our corner. Thanks again Greg. You prepared us well!
“PS – I would add Henry Cloud’s book, Changes That Heal to the required reading list!”

Brad Harry
City Co-Director
Inner City, Chicago
773-821-7060 x.304
We are Cru, formerly Here’s Life Inner City

We thought the most beneficial thing for us was getting to know a Muslim from another country. We were able to learn some about Islam and attend a Mosque with a husband and wife, experiencing something very far outside our comfort zone while still being in the U.S. We have found that Muslims living in the U.S. are much more willing to share about their religion than Muslims living overseas.

Getting together with another missionary family was good, but we didn’t really feel like we even knew what to ask and were a little overwhelmed. I’m not sure how this could have been more beneficial, but I felt like we didn’t get everything out of that experience that we could have. I (Robyn) liked reading the books, and liked that I was able to pick out the books I wanted to read in each category. Jason felt that, graduating from Moody Bible Institute, he had already passed that stage of preparation.

We really liked the Perspectives class. I (Robyn) took it for credit to fulfill my Bible hours required by MAF and Jason took it for certificate and felt that it was worth his time even coming from Moody.

Recommending a high level of involvement in the church before going overseas was beneficial both for getting to know some of the church leadership and also for creating relationships that made fund raising easier.

The mentor requirement we liked and we enjoyed getting to know Mike and Cindy. However, we didn’t feel like we got a lot out of it other than getting to know two more godly people. We definitely feel like it should continue, and the direction of it should be left up to the mentor and mentee.

Jason and Robyn Pratt
Served with MAF
Kalimantan, Indonesia

We had a good experience all in all. We were about as prepared as we could be for something that was completely new and nearly unfathomable. Probably the best part of our preparation was our mentorship with Gus and Betty.

Their maturity and missions experience were a huge part of our preparation!! I was not at all excited about being given mentors. But one session and I was hooked. Mentorship was what we really needed! They asked questions; lots of questions that we didn’t even know to ask, but that we did need answers to. Plus they had answers to the questions we did have or they helped us find those answers. They were especially good in helping us “leave well.” That was important to us.

We have continued our relationship with them until this day.

Pastor Greg was also an “asker of questions”. He offered many challenges for us to think on. We spent lots of time talking through decisions, making plans, and sharing information back and forth. Those times were very ENCOURAGING.

We needed lots of that then and those times talking with Greg gave us that. We had an extensive and varied list of books to read which we did not avail ourselves of them as much as we could have. Greg has continued to provide us with books or book suggestions.

Many have been exactly what we needed.

One of our favorite things was Potential Missionary fellowship. Meeting in a small group talking with live missionaries who were actually working on the field was so very helpful.

I remember to this day lots of tidbits, insights, and suggestions that we took away from those times. Another good part of those gatherings was hanging out with others who were interested in becoming missionaries as we fit in there better than with the general population who didn’t quite understand our new life goals.

Tom & Kristie Trowbridge
Church Planters, Bosnia


Our mission is clear, the need is great and the response must be urgent. There is a tremendous responsibility upon the local church to mobilize cross-cultural workers to the nations. We all know the problem too well though – few local churches have the expertise to specifically equip potential missionaries.

The man power needed to take on the challenge to send effective missionaries is absent, yet the mission remains. The answer is simple. We must band together, pool our expertise and learn from each other. Learning communities led by experts with participation from church leaders greatly increases the skill and ability needed to spiritually equip future missionaries.

The best learning comes through a process not an event. The best learning processes includes interaction with other like-minded leaders who are actively engaging the content and real life scenarios. I’m very grateful that Greg Carter has developed a learning community process that will help our churches become effective in our ultimate mission.

I want to encourage church leaders to jump in the game, get serious about mobilizing cross-cultural workers and connect with one of these learning communities soon!

Eric Hanson
Co-author of Mission Launch Team Training, Mission consultant for Mission Excell and International
Impact Director at Christ Community Church, St. Charles, IL.

As a missions pastor, I was excited when I heard that Greg Carter was writing a book to help churches mentor the next generation of cross-cultural workers.

When I moved into a leadership role with WorldVenture, one of the first things I did was contact Greg about using Skills, Knowledge, Character as a resource for our partner churches throughout the country. WorldVenture has used this book as a tool to equip churches of every size to be more effective in their efforts to disciple and mentor the future missionaries within their own congregation.

As a missions pastor himself, Greg understands the challenges and opportunities of the local church and is someone who cares deeply about helping churches be more effective in seeing workers raised up for the harvest.

Dave Childers
Global Ministries Director, Park Community Church

Today the areas of greatest need in missions are now often the toughest.

The unpicked fruit now lies at the top and can be difficult to reach. The barriers to the Gospel are greater, the resources required are different, just as picking from the bottom or the top of a tree requires different tools and strategies.

How can you better prepare yourself to be effectively used of God? What questions do you need to ask about God, yourself, culture and community? What skill sets would help you impact another culture for Christ? What options are there to help you prepare?

Greg Carter has been faithfully involved in helping men and women explore what it means to serve Jesus. He helps you explore options and opportunities. Greg helps those interested in serving overseas to become more effective. Whether you are a church seeking to build a strong missional presence for Jesus or a person with a plan, get to know Greg. Allow him to help.

Dr. Bill Patterson, Lead Pastor
Temple Baptist Church
Rockford, IL